Empties For Paws


Please donate your empty beer, wine and liquor bottles to help animals in need.  Empties help fill bellies and pay vet bills. 


The lists of bottle drives are available below in downloadable PDF format.

An Google map is in development and will be available soon!

Empties for Paws challenges Canadian residents and businesses to start Recycle 4 Animals drives to collect items that are refundable in their area to raise money to help their local animal rescue. For example, in Ontario empty beer bottles/cans are refundable for $0.10 and $0.20 for wine and liquor bottles. An empty case of 24 is $2.40 and can buy 3 cans of cat food or 1 can of dog food.

Total raised with empties by rescues and shelters since January 2015:


Ontario Bottle Drives

(including Ottawa)

(updated 11 April 2021)

Empty 24 equals cans food.jpg

Bottle Drives outside
of Ontario
(updated 6 Mar 2021)

Nippy Cat sells cat toys and much more. 15% of profits goes to a different cat rescue every 28 days. Click on photo to visit their website.

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nippy 2.jpg