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What is Empties for Paws?

The Empties for Paws movement challenges Canadian residents and businesses to donate their empty alcohol containers to raise money to help local animal charities. We help by providing listings of as many bottle drive as possible that are collecting empties with profits going to these rescues. Some bottle drives are the rescues themselves, and some are individual collectors that accept drop offs at their homes. The goal is the same though: to help fill bellies and pay vet bills.


To find a bottle drive near you please download the applicable file below by clicking on the relevant PDF icon. 

An example of the benefit

In Ontario, empty beer bottles and cans can be returned via the Deposit Return Program for 10 cents each, making your empty two-four worth $2.40, which is also the average cost of a tin of wet cat food. Now just imagine how many tins of food a rescue can buy if a bottle drive collected this many empties:

a trailer full of empty wine bottles and beer cans to raise money for animal rescues

Photo credit: Natalie M.

Photo credit: Shannon Murphy, collecting for
Ottawa Kitten Rescue

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